TERMINATOR 2 3D is coming this fall , so DMG has pulled together 10 facts you may not know about this groundbreaking action blockbuster.

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1. When the project was first announced in late 1984, the projected budget was $12 million. The final budget was $102 million, which at the time made it the most expensive movie ever.

2. Billy Idol was James Cameron‘s original choice to play the T1000. A motorcycle accident prevented Idol from taking on the role.


3. Pilot Charles A. Tamburro actually flew the helicopter under the overpass in the final chase scene. The camera crew refused to film the shot because of the high risk involved. James Cameron did the filming with the help of the camera car driver.


4. Terminator 2: Judgment Day is the only film of the franchise to win and be nominated for an Oscar. It was nomiated for six and ended up winning four.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid $15 million for the second film and had a total of 700 words of dialogue, which meant he was paid $21,429 per word. “Hasta la vista, baby” cost $85,716.

6. Even though Robert Patrick got weapon training under technical expert Uzi Gal, director James Cameron was so amazed by Patrick’s performance, particularly for the T-1000 shooting scene at the Galleria mall, that he used the actual footage shot, without speeding up the frame rate.


7. To date, this is the only sequel to win an Academy Award when the previous movie wasn’t even nominated.

8. Production took sufficiently long that Edward Furlong visibly aged during the shoot – he is clearly much younger in the desert, for instance, than in other scenes. His voice began to break and had to be pitched to one level in post-production.


9. Industrial Light and Magic’s computer graphics department had to grow from six artists to almost 36 to accommodate all the work required to bring the T-1000 to life, costing $5.5 million and taking 8 months to produce, which ultimately amounted to 3.5 minutes of screen time.


10. The mini-gun used in the film was the same mini-gun that was used in Predator (1987) also starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.