In honor of today’s 148 running of the Belmont Stakes – DMG Entertainment is getting all horsey with the top 8 Horseracing Movies! Saddle up and race for the finish line of seeing all these movies in a single day! Good Luck, American Pharaoh!

DREAMER (2005) A broken leg is usually a death sentence for a racehorse, enter Dakota Fanning as the little girl whose love rehabilitates a broken horse; Kurt Russell also stars.


SECRETARIAT (2010) Disney’s version of Secretariat’s and his owner’s life. Big Red’s 1973 record times in the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes still stand.


SEABISCUIT (2003) True story of this amazing horse and rider’s struggle to win.


PHAR LAP (1983) Rags to riches true story of one of Australia’s greatest race horses. Spoiler alert – keep a lot of tissues handy.


NATIONAL VELVET (1944) Classic pony flick that made everyone fall in love with Elizabeth Taylor, also starring Mickey Rooney.


LET IT RIDE (1989) Not specifically about a horse, but lovable gambler Richard Dreyfuss makes losing funny.


HIDALGO (2004) Beautifully shot flick about a grueling 3K mile race across the Arabian desert.


CHAMPIONS (1983) Documentary about a horse named Aldaniti and his jockey Bob Champion and their fight against cancer and the competition. Lots of live footage adds to the fun.