It’s always awkward when Valentine’s Day rolls around and you’re in the delicate early stages of a romance. A fancy dinner seems too “official”, so you look to the multiplex or your Netflix queue and plan a low-key movie night to mark the occasion. You try to choose something that will create the proper ambience. Often this means a movie with the familiar narrative of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. But, what happens when you choose the wrong movie, it can definitely lead to disastrous results.

So to help out, we’ve picked the top 5 movies to avoid…spoilers ahead!



Unless you really hate your spouse/significant other, David Fincher’s Oscar winner is not going to revive any sparks of passion. Quite the contrary. Watching Rosamund Pike take spousal abuse to a new level could lead to some uncomfortable realizations. Even the novel’s author warned it would “break up couples nationwide.”


Promoted as simply ‘a love story’, with ‘Valentine’ in the title, and Ryan Gosling…this would seem like a sexy choice to watch with a date. Unfortunately, it actually shows how the complexity of married life can suck the passion and romance out of a relationship, no matter how hot you are. If you choose to share this flick with your mate, you might be crying out loud afterwards.


It may seem counterintuitive to put this wicked popular love story on a list of bad date movies, but consider two factors…first, these two are so perfect that no real couple/love story is ever going to live up to them. That’s a lot of pressure on a budding romance or even a long-standing couple. And second, no one looks sexy when their balling their eyes out in the dark.


With a hot cast of A-list stars including Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, this ‘romantic drama’ was beautifully shot by late-director Mike Nichols but is ultimately a real downer. Considering the central moral of the story seems to be ‘everyone cheats and lies’, CLOSER is not going to help with a budding relationship and will make established couples look at each other suspiciously.


This thriller introduced tons of pop culture references into the zeitgeist and make us all rethink that one-night stand idea…and pet rabbits. Watching Glenn Close go from lust to love to full-on crazy obsession is a great thrill ride, but not what you want to see on a first date. P.S. if your date seems to be nodding along a little too much, you might want to sneak out early.