Samuel L. Jackson Birthday Fun Facts

This is one mother f**king birthday you can’t miss. On December 21st, 1948, the world was given our favorite badass actor, Samuel L. Jackson. In honor of one of the hardest-working actors of our generation, DMG Entertainment has provided a list of fun facts about Samuel L. Jackson. So get ready to throw your assumptions to the wind, because everybody knows, when you make an assumption, you make an ass out of you and umption.


 Why everyone knows Samuel L. Jackson

It could be his charisma, it could be his presence, or it could be the 150+ film/television appearances he’s made in his career. Or as Seth Macfarlane puts it Ted 2, “…he’s like the black guy in every movie, ever…”




Why Samuel L. motherf**king Jackson uses motherf**ker so motherf**king much

As a child, Jackson had a severe stuttering problem. One of his coping methods was to use motherf**ker as an affirmation word. To this day, Jackson still has a stuttering problem, which could be one reason Jackson has said mother**cker 171 times in 27 movies so far.




How Samuel L. Jackson made it into the Guinness Book of World Records

Through Jackson’s acting career, his domestic box office gross surpassed $4 billion, while his international box office gross is nearly $8 billion. This feat has solidified Jackson as the highest all-time box office movie star, earning him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.




One fact Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t think is so fun

After receiving a best supporting actor nomination for PULP FICTION in 1995, Jackson has never again been nominated, much less, won an Oscar.




Why even inequality is afraid of Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson is a fierce advocate for equal rights. Jackson’s involvement with the civil rights movement goes back to well before he was famous. He was one of the ushers at Martin Luther King Jr’s funeral in 1968. The following year, Jackson took several members of Morehouse College’s board of trustees hostage, demanding reform in the college’s academic and administrative system. Although the board of trustees reformed their policies, the college suspended Jackson and charged him with several felonies. During his academic suspension, Jackson become involved with the Black Power Movement. Although Jackson was passionate about the cause, he decided to leave the group after the FBI told Jackson’s mother he would be dead within a year if he continued his involvement. To this day, Jackson still fights to end discrimination.



 Why you don’t interrupt Samuel L. Jackson’s backswing

Jackson loves golfing so much that his contract specifically states he must have easy access to golf courses, regardless of the shooting location.




How Samuel L. Jackson used tragedy to triumph

Early in Samuel L. Jackson’s acting career, he struggled with drug addiction. Seeing Jackson’s life spiraling out of control, his family checked him into a rehabilitation clinic. After rehab, Jackson accepted the role of a crack addict in the Spike Lee’s JUNGLE FEVER (1991). Although some actors would be offended by the offer, Jackson found the role therapeutic. Jackson’s performance earned him a Supporting Actor award in the 1991 Cannes Film Festival, an award which the festival made just for him.


 Samuel L. Jackson Jungle Fever


Why no one can recite Ezekiel 25:17 like Samuel L. Jackson

Tarantino created the role of PULP FICTION’s Jules Winnfield specifically for Samuel L. Jackson. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Jackson gladly accepted the role. Jackson’s vicious portrayal of Jules not only launched him into super-stardom, but also became one of Tarantino’s personal favorites. And because he’s a ‘Bad motherf%@ker’!




Why the force is strong with Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson was a huge fan of the STAR WARS franchise. After Jackson mentioned his interested in the saga, George Lucas offered him a role in STARS WARS: EPISODE 1 – THE PHANTOM MENACE. Jackson accepted the role before reading the script. Jackson had no idea he was going to play Jedi Master Mace Windu until his costume fitting. Jackson also convinced Lucas to give his character the only purple lightsaber in the STAR WARS series.




Why Samuel L. Jackson won’t eat your Big Kahuna Burger

Jackson is a vegetarian. Although he won’t take your hamburger, I still wouldn’t take any of his double dares.




Why Samuel L. Jackson can never escape Lawrence Fishburne.

Despite Samuel L. Jackson’s global fame for over 20 years, Jackson is often mistaken for Laurence Fishburne. Jackson and Fishburne also find themselves competing for the same roles, such as the role of Morpheus in THE MATRIX. The odd confusion between Jackson and Fishburne may help to explain why the two actors have only been in one movie together, SCHOOL DAZE (1988).




Just in case…

The ‘L’ in Jackson’s full name stands for Leroy.



Happy 67th Birthday Samuel L. Jackson!


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