On November 13, 1997, a collection of humanitarian groups created the first ever, “Declaration of Kindness”. Since then, November 13 has been International Kindness Day. Kindness Day is about reaching deep inside yourself and showing care to humanity. So in honor of International Kindness Day, DMG Entertainment has collected eight films that encompass the key elements of compassion. So sit back and enjoy…and remember: no kind gesture is too big or small.


BE FRIENDLY – BAD SANTA (2003)  Being friendly is all about making people feel comfortable and welcomed. Whether it is a warm gesture or a pleasant compliment, being friendly is a cornerstone of kindness.


FORGIVE WRONGDOERS – DEATH WISH (1974)  People make mistakes. An important part of kindness is to empathize with others and accept no one is perfect. While forgiving someone’s transgression may not change the past, it will certainty broaden your future.


HELP THOSE IN NEED – BATTLE ROYALE (2000)  Not everyone has the same tools at their disposal. Kindness is about putting your differences aside and trying to help out others. Not only will they be grateful, but also restore their faith in humanity.


KEEP GOOD COMPANY – KIDS (1995)  Associate yourself with friendly people. An important foundation of kindness is being with people who promote a welcoming atmosphere. With the right friends, you will feed off each other’s kindness and bring out the best of each other.


STAY POSITIVE – THE MIST (2007)  Everyone faces difficult situations. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, try to think about the positives. In difficult times, maintaining a positive outlook will not only keep yourself kind to others, but also encourage others to stay optimistic.


BE HUMBLE – WOLF OF WALL STREET (2013)  If you achieve success, living a modest lifestyle is key to being kind. Although you should take pride in your success, remember most people are not as fortunate as you. Flaunting wealth can make others question your moral character. Keep in mind: Modesty isn’t how you hide your success, it’s how you handle it.


DEVELOP GOOD HABITS – REQUIEM FOR A DREAM (2000)  Although you form your habits, your habits ultimately form you. If you put kind acts into your habitual routine, your kind acts will become you. You should also incorporate habits which promote physical and mental improvement. Not only will you feel great, but others will become inspired to do the same.


LOVE YOURSELF – THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY (1999)  Don’t forget about yourself! While it is great to treat others with kindness, you deserve the same treatment. Even if other people seem to live better lives, it’s better being yourself than someone else. No matter who you are, or what you’ve done, be proud of yourself and all your accomplishments!


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