_48037478_worldnews512As part of the “Designed in China” season on BBC World News’ “Talking Business”, Linda Yueh traveled to DMG’s Beijing headquarters to catch up with DMG’s Dan Mintz to discuss the future of Chinese cinema and answer the big question – Is this a new Golden Age of Chinese film?

Thanks to the speed in which the Chinese film market is growing, it’s only a matter of time before the Middle Kingdom surpasses the US as the largest entertainment consumer on the planet. That opportunity is driving people to the Chinese film industry in droves.

As an industry pioneer, Mintz is constantly moving the bar for success in China forward. It’s that insight and experience that brings reporters from around the world to DMG’s door for a little one-on-one time with the man who is carving an ever larger piece of the Chinese pie as he expands the DMG entertainment empire.

For the full story, you can check out Linda’s blog or watch a clip of Mintz on the show, but here are a few choice quotes…

“First of all, it is now part of the greenlight evaluation process in Hollywood, for sure. Will it work in China?”

“If you are making a film with certain budget and in a certain kind of genre, a franchise type film or big tent pole film, as we call them, you are going to look at how is it going to do in China? That is definitely on the list but that wasn’t on the list a few years ago.”

“Well this is really a dramatic shift. And I think the vision is…a Chinese studio making a Hollywood film. Cause traditionally it’s a Hollywood studio making other films, making Chinese films, or having Chinese stories like KUNG FU PANDA…very successfully. But never has been a Chinese studio that has made Hollywood films, A.K.A. global films. This is completely original, completely new and a very dramatic shift in a power base that’s really a traditional business – centered in Hollywood, six major studios, a hundred years – it is completely game changing.”