In April 2015, Sony Pictures, Valiant Entertainment and DMG Entertainment announced they will develop the top-selling comic book HARBINGER into the next superhero blockbuster film. With 5 million plus copies sold worldwide, HARBINGER has an international following. The comic book series has even been translated into multiple languages for its global audience. While Valiant’s strong fan base celebrates HARBINGER’s 2017 release date, others are still unclear of this new superhero genre.



So, what exactly is a Harbinger?

The dictionary definition of harbinger is: a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another. Keep this in mind, the word is a great choice for the comic book series.

In the Valiant universe, a Harbinger is a person with psionic abilities, such as mind-control, telekinesis, pyrokinesis and/or telepathy. In other words, a Harbinger is someone who has either one or multiple psychic powers.

Although a handful of people can become Harbingers, only the most powerful Harbingers are given the title of Omega Harbinger. An Omega Harbinger can not only use a complete range of psychic powers, but also trigger the psychic abilities of other potential Harbingers.

In the HARBINGER series, the first known Harbinger is Toyo Harada. Harada, an Omega Harbinger, uses his psychic abilities to create a global enterprise and accumulate immense wealth. Fearing humanity would destroy itself, Harada decides to take over the world. In order to help him accomplish world domination, Harada develops a program that recruits and trains potential Harbingers, known as the Harbinger Foundation. Harada considers the program “the next stop in human evolution”.


As Harada prepares for world domination, psychic juvenile Peter Stanchek takes notice of the Harbinger Foundation and joins the program. Harada closely observes Stanchek’s abilities, since Stanchek displays Omega Harbinger-like capabilities.

Harada quickly realizes Stanchek’s potential, and tries to persuade Stanchek to become his right hand man. However, a close friend informs Stanchek of Harada’s diabolical intentions. Soon after their discussion, Stanchek’s friend is brutally murdered.

Stanchek leaves the Harbinger Foundation and begins his own quest to stop the organization. Utilizing his Omega Harbinger abilities, Stanchek collects a group of rebellious teenagers and triggers their psychic powers. The misfits unite together to battle the Harbinger Foundation, calling themselves the Harbinger Renegades.

What kind of powers do Harbingers have? Let’s have a look:

Peter Stanchek (Sting): An Omega Harbinger. The power to control many different psychic skills, such as telekinesis, mind control and telepathy.


Faith Herbert (Zephyr): The power to fly.


Charlene Dupre (Flamingo): The power to produce and control fire.



John Torkelson (Torque): The power of superhuman strength.

Amanda McKee (Livewire): The power to control electricity.


What Harbinger power would you want? Don’t say “The power to take other Harbingers’ powers”. Nobody likes that Harbinger.

Want more Harbinger? Stay tuned to DMG Entertainment for the latest information on the upcoming Harbinger movie.