Name: Jack Boniface

Alias: Shadowman



–  Lacks  confidence

–  Hard  working

–  Passionate

–  Tireless

–  Emotional

–  Artistic

–  Romantic

–  Creative


Key point: A  man  originally  unaware  of  his  legacy,  Jack  Boniface  is  a  man  still struggling  to  understand  his  lineage.  Jack  can  be  mentally  unstable  at times,  and  is  never  truly  sure  of  himself  or  his  decisions.

Powers: Enhanced strength and reflexes, night vision, regeneration, fearlessness



Jack Boniface heads to his birthplace, New Orleans, in order to understand a father who he never met and a mother who died in a car accident when he was young. The only memento Jack has of his family is an amulet he wears around his neck. Following his mother’s death, Jack became a ward of the state and works a slew of odd jobs, eventually finding work in New Orleans at a museum.


His investigation into his parents takes a dark turn when he discovers that his father was suspected of homicide and his mother of robbery. In a moment of anger, Jack throws his amulet away and is shortly thereafter attacked by demonic creatures. As the end seems near for Jack, he becomes overtaken by an entity known as Shadowman and is endowed with abnormal strength and senses.

With the help of his new powers, his father’s friend Dox, and Dox’s protégé Alyssa, Jack works hard to keep the streets of New Orleans safe from the demons of the night.

Jack’s largest battle becomes differentiating himself between his own identity and that of Shadowman. Where does Jack end and Shadowman begin? As Jack delves even further into the inner workings of his past, he also experiences the divide between life and death.



New Orleans embodies the spirit and backbone of the story as a cultural hub of the United States. Home to spiritual and cultural voodoo practices, New Orleans injects Shadowman with its mysticism. Shadowman has become such a strong force of cultural significance that the New Orleans mayor even named January 17 to be “Shadowman Day.”