On July 26, 1896, the first movie theater in the United States opened its doors. The Vitascope Hall, in New Orléans, Louisiana, charged 10 cents for admission. From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., audiences flooded the theater to enjoy the larger than life movie experience. In honor of the Vitascope Hall, DMG Entertainment highlights the coolest movie theaters throughout the world. And now, on with the show! Please, don’t forget to turn off all mobile devices.




Location: London, England.


Hot Tub Cinema has a simple but effective formula: Great movies + Hot tubs = An unforgettable experience. The rooftop theater not only provides movie-goers with their own bath tubs, but also offers dancing, partying and Karaoke. Whatever you do, don’t forget your swimsuit.



Location: Hyderabad, India.


Prasads IMAX, a 21,833 square meter multiplex, is home to the largest 3D IMAX screen in the world. The 22m by 28m 3D screen comes fully equipped with a 6-channel sound system and 12,000 Watt digital surround sound. Interested in going? You may need to call ahead, Prasads IMAX receives 1,500 + calls daily for ticket reservations.



Location: London, England.


Considered the comfiest theater in England, Electric Cinema offers movie-goers 65 leather armchair seats, three sofas and six double beds. Still feeling a little uncomfortable? Maybe some cashmere blankets will help you enjoy the feature. Just don’t fall asleep. Nobody likes a snoring patron.



Location: Worldwide.


Who says a theater needs a fixed site? The Secret Cinema is a mysterious society that organizes monthly movie events. Interested in joining? Better know how to keep a secret. The Secret Cinema demands its members to never reveal the location or the feature screened. Outside of the shadowy appeal, the Secret Cinema offers its members a live-action rendition of certain scenes from the film before showing the feature.



Location: Athens, Greece.


The Cine Thisio, the oldest outdoor movie theater in Athens, takes the outdoor film experience to another level. Enjoy a magnificent view of the Acropolis, and the Parthenon, while you watch the latest smash hit. Although you shouldn’t take photos inside a theater, Cine Thisio is the exception to this rule.



Location: South Wales, U.K


Sometimes, less is more. Although the theater is only large enough for eight people, the Sol Cinema stands alone as a solar-powered mobile theater. To enhance the movie going experience, the tiny cinema comes with ushers and a red carpet.




Location: Szczecin, Poland.


The Kino Pionier is the world’s oldest cinema. Sticking to its traditional roots, the theater only shows silent feature films. To add more magic to the experience, a live piano accompanies the film. While most enjoy the latest in special effects, the Kino Pionier is a must for any silent movie fan.



Location: Seoul, South Korea.


The Cine de Chef is the golden standard of luxurious cinemas. Sit in $7,000 deluxe chairs and eat upscale French-Italian cuisine while enjoying the latest blockbuster hit. The theater also includes valet parking, an escort service and a private elevator. So, how much will this luxury experience set you back? Tickets go for $35-$55.



Location: Paris, France.


Le Grand Rex is the largest movie theater in Europe. The beautifully decorated theater can seat up to 2,800 people. Le Grand Rex was a project developed by Jacques Haïk, the famous film producer that introduced Charlie Chaplin to France, in 1932. French architect Auguste Bluysen designed the cinema to emulate a spectacular outdoor experience. The cinema is also famous for hosting the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival, a six-day cinematic event.


Location: Yao Noi, Thailand

Located off the rocky shoreline of Yao Nai, the Archipelago Cinema is a theater designed to float on the gentle waters of the Nai Pi Lae lagoon. The Beijing-based architect, Ole Scheeren, developed the auditorium raft with recycled materials. Interested in going? The Archipelago Cinema hosts the annual film festival Film on the Rocks Yao Noi. Between the beautiful scenery and great movies, the Archipelago Cinema is a Pina Colada away from paradise.


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