2015 was a rough year – stock market turmoil, ISIS terror attacks and natural disasters everywhere. It also saw the passing of some entertainment giants who have made a lasting impact. These performers who have inspired us and entertained us, some for decades, others for only a tragically short time. In fact, 2015 saw time catch up with nearly 100 performers – stars of TV’s golden era, classic screen legends, along with sports, music and pop culture icons. DMG Entertainment pays our respect to these film, TV and sports stars, and we encourage everyone to take a moment and experience some of their incredible works.

Tough Guys - These stars were ‘made’ to play gangsters, big bad dudes and all around tough guys  From THE GODFATHER to SCARFACE, these guys seemed ‘made’ to play gangsters and they did with award-winning cool and menace throughout their careers.

Robert Loggia – 84

Actor Robert Loggia arrives at the Blu-ray disc launch party for the 1983 classic  film "Scarface" in Los Angeles

Alex Rocco – 79

2 alex-rocco-

Sports Stars – From the “clown prince” of basketball to a hall of fame QB to the best pro wrestler of his generation to the best sportscaster ever, the sporting world lost several big names in 2015.

Meadowlark Lemon – 83

3 Meadowlark Lemon-color

Frank Gifford – 84

4 Frank-gifford

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper – 61


Stuart Scott – 49

6 stuart scoot


“Star Trek” – 2015 saw the biggest death in the Star Trek franchise’s 50 year history with the passing of Leonard Nimoy. Spock may live on, but Nimoy will always be the first and the best incarnation of the Enterprise’s Science Officer. But 2015 also saw the deaths from the beloved original series cast including Yeoman Rand and that annoying Lt. Riley.

Leonard Nimoy – 83


Grace Lee Whitney – 85

8 Grace-Lee-Whitney-

Bruce Hyde – 74

9 Bruce-hyde-


Behind The Camera - While the acting community lost the most great performers in 2015, those who direct, inspire and produce the films and TV we love also suffered some big losses, from the Master of Horror to the Queen of Hollywood Scandals to a creator of the Simpsons and one of the most famous strippers ever.

Wes Craven – 76

Hollywood Director Wes Craven

Sam Simon – 59

17 sam-simon

Blaze Starr – 83

11 blaze-starr--

Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. – 88


Jackie Collins – 77

13 jackie-collins-


Classic TV Stars - There were some big names from TV, spanning nearly 40 years of amazing TV shows and performances. From M*A*S*H to “The Avengers” to “Adam-12″ and “Happy Days” and “Twin Peaks”, these stars made us laugh, cry and cheer regularly on the small screen.

Martin Milner – 83

14 martin-milner-

Al Molinaro  96


Yvonne Craig – 78

16 yvonne-craig-

Patrick MacNee – 93

18 patrick-macnee-

Catherine Coulson – 74

19 catherine-coulson-

Wayne Rogers – 82

20 wayne-rogers-


Leading Men & Ladies – The Silver Screen lost some legendary stars in 2015. Their seminal performances in films are as diverse as LAWERENCE OF ARABIA to THE QUIET MAN, IL DOLCE VITA and even SWAMP THING. If you haven’t seen their best work, make it a resolution.

Maureen O’Hara – 95


Omar Shariff – 83

22 omar-sharif-color

Anita Eckberg – 83

23 anita-eckberg--

Louis Jordan – 93

24 louis-jordan

Rod Taylor – 84

25 rod-taylor-


Musicians – The music world lost several seminal figures in Blues, R&B and Soul, but also one of Hollywood’s most prolific composers also met a tragic end during 2015. It was especially bad year for musicians named ‘king’.

B.B. King – 76

26 b-b-king

Ben E. King – 89


James Horner – 61

arriving at the Los Angeles Premiere of Avatar


Funny Ladies - Today’s successful women in comedy from Nancy Meyers to Amy Schumer owe these two funny ladies a big ‘thank you’ for paving the way and proving that women can be as funny as men, especially on TV. Meadows was a long-time collaborator with Jackie Gleason and was married to Steve Allen, while Meara had numerous roles with and without her husband Jerry Stiller and is the mother of Ben Stiller.

Jane Meadows Allen – 95

29 jane-meadows-allen-black

Anna Meara – 85

30 anna-meara-black


Sentimental Favorites – These three actors run the gamut of genre and time. They have created unforgettable character moments and onscreen magic in film, TV and stage for decades, and entertained us right up to their deaths. From Star Wars prequels, Hammer horror films and Lord of the Rings and to THE LOVE BUG and HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, these actors have entertained us for decades.

Christopher Lee – 93

Chris Lee

Dean Jones – 84


Fred Thompson – 73

FILE: McCain Campaigns On Final Week Before Presidential Election

They will all be missed.