With her trademark blonde hair, beauty mark, and red lips, Mini Marilyn is the epitome of Hollywood glamor and classic femininity. She empowers modern girls by encouraging them to be confident, to take risks to always keep reaching for her dreams.So..What else? Read this, you will know what inside Mini Marilyn.

My favorite city right now is Beijing. It’s so big and there’s an electricity to the atmosphere. The people are wonderful and have made me feel so welcome. Plus I love the food – Maf can’t get enough xiaolongbao.

lunar year

In my spare time I love to dance, go to fashion shows and take selfies with my friends.

MM bling

I don’t follow fashion rules. I say, forget the rules. If you love it, wear it. And always wear it with a smile!


I don’t look at celebrity tabloids. You can read about yourself, but what’s truly important is how you feel about yourself.


I’m flattered that so many fans want to be like me, but I always ask, ‘ If you can’t be yourself then who can you be?’ Be the original you were born to be. Always.


The happiest time of my life is now.


My favorite saying – when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!