Everyone in the world has heard by now that Star Trek’s beloved Mr. Spock – Leonard Nimoy – has died. The 83 year old actor, director, author and inspiration for scientists worldwide played the iconic Vulcan science officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise for nearly 50 years (Star Trek’s 50th anniversary is in 2016) on TV, on the big screen and throughout hundreds of appearances and cameos over the decades.

Of course, Nimoy acted in hundreds of different movies and TV shows also, including one remarkable early ’80’s mini-series that brought him to Beijing.


Filming the 6-hour mini-series MARCO POLO, Nimoy spent several months in the Chinese capital in 1981 for his portrayal of Kublai Khan’s Persian-born finance minister, Ahmad Fanākatī .


Mr. Spock will always be the role associated with Nimoy’s name, but as a gifted actor and director he has breathed life into many memorable roles. From the halls of the Great Khan’s empire to his fateful clash in the Mutara Nebula with another Khan, Leonard Nimoy’s life and career has brought joy and intelligence to millions of people. His legacy will continue as long as fans watch films and invite friends to boldly go into the final frontier.


Live Long and Prosper