You think taxes are bad? That’s just the beginning…

For Americans, April 15 marks the dreaded Tax Day, the official deadline for filing individual tax returns. On this day, Americans come together as one stressed out group unified in eye-rolling, hair-pulling and number-crunching anxiety, thus making every April 15 a miserable day.

But did you know that April 15 is generally just a crappy day, historically speaking. Check out the below list of awfulness that proves April 15 is the “Worst Day Ever!”

1865 John Wilkes Booth assassinates President Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre.


1912 The Titanic sinks roughly 2.5 hours after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage. Out of the “unsinkable” ship’s 2,200 passengers, only 700 survived the icy waters.

Der Untergang der Titanic

1927 The Great Mississippi Flood. After 15 inches of rain, the Mississippi River’s levee broke at 145 locations. The flood was so overwhelming it affected ten states. The flood resulted in 246 deaths and over 185,000 people needed to evacuate.


1978 In Bologna, Italy, two express trains collided head-on, resulting in 43 deaths.


1980 Nobel Prize-winning French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre passed away.


1981 American journalist Janet Cooke stated her Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post article was a lie. Cooke returned her Pulitzer, making her the only person to have returned a Pulitzer Prize to date.


1989 England Hillsborough Stadium Disaster. In Sheffield, England, Hillsborough Stadium hosted the FA Cup semi-final match between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool. Due to extreme overcrowding, the match turned into mayhem, resulting in 200 injuries and 96 people crushed to death.


1997 On the first day of the ritualistic pilgrimage of Hajj, a massive fire erupted in an overcrowded tent city located near Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The fire claimed the lives of 343 people.


2002 Flight CA129, an Air China Boeing 767-200, crashes near Busan, South Korea. The crash claimed the lives of 128 people.


2010 After an enormous volcano eruption in Iceland, European countries had to suspend all flights coming in and out of the region. Norway, Britain, Sweden, France, Finland and Denmark closed their airspace, resulting in nearly 4,000 flight cancellations.


2013 Boston Marathon Bombings. Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev set off two pressure cooker bombs nearby the Boston Marathon finish line. The bombing resulted in 264 injuries and three deaths.

Boston Marathon Explosions

2014 In Chibok, Nigeria, the Boko Haram Islamist militant group abducted 276 girls from the Government Secondary School. Although 57 girls managed to escape, the government’s attempts at rescuing or negotiating the release of the other girls have been largely unsuccessful.


So queue up TITANIC, LINCOLN and anything else that doesn’t have a ‘Hollywood’ ending and have a happy, or at least less miserable, April 15th!


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