Company with deep connections in Hollywood and China is teaming up with Super League Gaming

DMG Entertainment has powered up a competitive gaming division, DMG eSports, the company announced Monday. As part of the new division, DMG is investing in and partnering with amateur e-sports league Super League Gaming.

DMG eSports will be integrated across DMG’s other holdings, including movies, TV, comic books, virtual reality, gaming and location-based entertainment. DMG’s deal with Super League Gaming is the first part of the company’s broader international strategy for its e-sports division.

The company’s substantial ties in China are a big part of the arrangement, as Super League Gaming will add expansion teams in Beijing and Shanghai and facilitate international championship matches. The league already has 12 official city teams in the U.S.

“Our inspiration for DMG eSports comes from the extraordinarily committed e-sports fans and community,” DMG CEO Dan Mintz said in a statement. “Their stories drive our unique point-of-view on the industry allowing our strengths in entertainment and technology to deliver fresh and compelling experiences. Partnering with an industry leader like SLG, allows us to open up the world of e-sports to everyone, not just the pros”

“We are thrilled to be working with a tremendous global partner like DMG as we continue to build and grow our community, particularly as e-sports continues to explode in popularity around the world,” Super League Gaming CEO Ann Hand said in the statement. “Our goal is to introduce e-sports to a broader fan base that, until now, was only available to a fraction of the population. With our online and live in-person events, we’re leading the way in bringing amateur gamers into esports in a safe, fun and socially rewarding way.”

Last month, DMG announced that its investment arm, DMG Capital Group, is pooling $300 million into entertainment, tech and media with a focus on the Chinese market. DMG co-produced 2013’s “Iron Man 3,” which made $1.2 billion worldwide, alongside Disney and Marvel. The company’s Chinese division, DMG Yinji, is publicly listed in China with a valuation in excess of $6 billion.

Source: The Wrap