DMG Entertainment has made an investment of over seven figures in amateur esports company Super League Gaming. DMG, a global media brand who also distributes and co-produces films, additionally announced their own esports subsidiary to adapt competitive gaming across its new media ventures, including VR.

Super League Gaming launched in 2014, and hosts amateur esport tournaments on the community level, most notably inside cinema spaces. Though originally focusing on Minecraft, a partnership with Riot Games in late 2016 allowed SLG to organise massive League of Legends events that award in-game currency prizes. Its high-level LoL “City Champs” competition will begin its second season in July, this time encompassing 12 clubs from major U.S. cities.

Last year, SLG announced that it had raised $20 million since its creation. This included $5 million from aXiomatic; the investment group who acquired a controlling stake in Team Liquid in September 2016.

Though headquartered in Los Angeles, DMG is known for co-financing and “appropriating” American blockbuster films (including Looper or Iron Man 3) for Chinese audiences; usually by filming additional scenes in the country and adding minor roles for famous Chinese actors. With its equity stake in Super League Gaming, DMG plans to help the event company expand its concept into Shanghai and Beijing movie theatres in 2017, and aid in the development of a global league.

From both a film and esports perspective, DMG is an ideal investor for SLG. According to a report from IHS Market, 57 percent of all esports viewing last year came from China, with 11.1 billion video streams delivered. Along with its financing, DMG’s global entertainment arm will help produce behind-the-scenes and interstitial content for worldwide distribution.