TRXX-autoduel[2]The first-ever highly immersive and interactive Digital/VR/AR entertainment center based on the Transformers franchise combining the best elements of theme parks, live shows, movie theaters and restaurants.

Born from the massively popular multi-billion dollar franchise, the Transformers centers put participants right in the middle of the action, allowing them to immerse themselves and interact side-by-side with the characters and engage in a variety of missions. Featuring up-close and personal character interactions, immersive virtual and augmented reality technology, interactive environments and activities featuring the latest digital technologies, guests will experience the Transformers universe like never before. Imagine battling against the evil Decepticons on Cybertron alongside Optimus Prime, or climbing behind the wheel of Bumblebee for the ultimate driving experience. Guests of all ages can unleash their inner hero in this immersive, next-generation adventure, right alongside their favorite Transformers characters. With dedicated interactive high-tech dining areas, complete with touchscreen tables and screens, and a merchandise area with exclusive collectibles, the centers will redefine the family experience. Coming this summer.